Q. Is boot camp for me?
A. Boot Camp is for everyone.

Q. How old is the oldest person in boot camp?
A. We have clients in their early 70's.

Q. Can kids do the boot camp?
A. Yes. Children under 18 will need to have their parent or legal guardian come to their first class and fill out and sign a waiver.

Q. I have a bad back/knee/shoulder/etc. Can I still do the boot camp?
A. Yes. Our aim is for you to work out with as little pain as possible. If an exercise causes you pain, stop and tell the instructor immediately. The instructor will have you attempt to do the exercise with a limited range of motion (staying in the pain free zone). If it still hurts, the instructor will modify the exercise or give you an alternate exercise that does not cause you pain.

Q. How do you accomodate different fitness levels in your classes?
A. Each person trains at their own pace and intensity. Fitter people can do the exercises at a faster pace with less rest, beginners can rest whenever they need to and work out at a slower pace.

Q. What if I still think the workout isn't hard enough?
A. We haven't heard that complaint yet! However, we also have CrossFit classes, which are higher intensity, but require more skill and equipment, and cost more. We offer a free trial for CrossFit.

Q. Why do we need to sign up ahead of time for class?
A. In order to make everyone's boot camp experience better. If the instructor sees that 15 people signed up for class, but 25 people show up, it throws off the instructor's plan for the day's workout. The instructor will need to take time out of class to set up more equipment or stations, or have to change the workout entirely at the last minute, on the fly, while still trying to run the class. When a lot of extra people show up, the whole class may have to wait in line to do an exercise, or wait while the instructor sets things up. We want to run the class as smoothly as possible. We realize that some boot camps do not require pre-registration (and this may be a minor inconvenience for you), but we want to be better than the other boot camps!

Q. What if I forgot to pre-register for the class? Can I still come?
A. Yes, you can still come. But please try to call us and let us know you are coming and give us as much notice as possible.

Q. What if I sign up, but can't make it?
A. You can cancel on-line or call us as soon as possible so we can remove you from the list.

Q. How do I sign up for the classes?
A. The best and easiest way is to click on "Sign Up For Class" on the left menu bar. Enter your username and password. If you don't have internet access, call 228-3278 and leave a message if we don't answer.

Q. I tried to sign up on-line but it wouldn't let me.
A. If you have a 10-session boot camp card, you should have a username and password. If you are a first-timer, or if you pay $3.00 cash each time, you will not be able to register online. You must call us at 228-3278 to register for each class. If your username and password do not work, please call us ASAP. We may not have set up your account yet on our computer. You may register for only as many classes as you have remaining.

Q. It says I owe money, but I just bought a new card.
A. Call us immediately. We may not have entered your payment in the computer yet.

Q. Why are most of the other boot camps so much more expensive than Fresno Indoor Boot Camp?
A. Good question.

Q. Do you offer smaller, more intimate classes or personal training?
A. Yes, but the smaller class is much more expensive. We also offer personal training and we have some of the most educated and experienced trainers in the Valley, yet have very competetive rates, often cheaper than less qualified and less experienced trainers!

Q. What else do you have to offer?
A. We are experts in speed & agility training for athletes of all ages and skill levels, we offer kettlebell classes with expert instructors, we have CrossFit classes, we do personal training, we have open gym, and we even have a weightlifting club!

Q. How often should I train?
A. We recommend at least 3 days per week for optimal results. Some of you may wish to train more often, and we encourage you do do that. Frequency of training is one of the most important factors in any exercise program. If you only come to boot camp 1 or 2 days each week, you should supplement your training by exercising at home.

Q. I lost my boot camp card. What can I do?
A. Boot Camp cards are like cash and are non-replaceable. Please keep your card in a safe place where you will remember where it is.

Q. I have a boot camp card, but I forgot it at home or I can't find it.
A. Please keep $3.00 cash in your wallet, purse, glove box, duffel bag, backpack, etc. just in case.

Q. What if the class times you offer don't fit in my schedule?
A. Please email us and let us know if there is a better day or time. We will form new classes when there are enough people.