CrossFit Combat Fitness Fresno CrossFit Combat Fitness Fresno CrossFit Combat Fitness Fresno

Fresno's first CrossFit affiliate has moved to our new location. We are now right across the street from Fresno State on the northwest corner of Cedar and Shaw, inside Fresno Indoor Soccer, just north of Macy's Furniture Gallery and west of Popeye's Chicken. Why did we choose CrossFit Combat Fitness as our affiliate name? Because CrossFit is extremely popular among Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, Military Personnel, and Cage Fighters. Do you need to belong to one of those groups to join CrossFit Combat Fitness? Absolutely not! Anyone who wants to get in absolutely the best shape of their lives can join. Whether you’re a CrossFitter, an avid fitness enthusiast, or if you are just an average Joe or Jane trying to fight off the aging process, obesity, diabetes, or heart disease, CrossFit Combat Fitness is for you. Even if you are not in very good shape, the workouts can be scaled to each individual's own fitness and skill levels.

"Why do you like CrossFit?"

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