The Russian Kettlebell Club of Fresno was established in 2009 to promote Russian kettlebell training in the Central Valley. We are the premier kettlebell training facility in Fresno. We teach kettlebells the right way! Is your kettlebell instructor RKC certified? If not, don't waste your time training with him or her. Kettlebells are not just funny-looking dumbbells or strength training "toys". Proper technique is crucial for safety and for maximizing your results. There are lots of videos on the internet showing people doing cool-looking "tricks" with kettlebells, yet they have not even mastered the basic kettlebell exercises. People see these videos, try to perform the "tricks", and get injured. At the Russian Kettlebell Club of Fresno, we focus on teaching you the basics with good technique first. Once you have mastered these and other lifts, you may attempt to do some of the cool-looking "tricks".

We are located at SPEED Sports Performance/CrossFit Combat Fitness in Fresno, CA.

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