Com. Erik Traeger, MA , CSCS, RKC II
Owner and Instructor


M.A. Kinesiology, Exercise Science option, Fresno State, 2000
B.S Physical Education, Exercise Science option, Biomechanics emphasis, Fresno State, 1996


RKC Level II Kettlebell Instructor Certification, 2010
RKC Level I Kettlebell Instructor Certification, 2008
CrossFit Level I Certification, 2008
SPARQ Certified Trainer, 2006-present
Velocity Sports Performance Certification, 2005-present
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, National Strength and Conditioning Association, 1996-present
USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach, 1995-present
USA Track & Field Level 1 Coach Certification
Speed Agility Conditioning CAN/USA Level 1 Certification


Owner and Head Sports Performance Coach, SPEED, 2009-present
CrossFit Instructor, CrossFit Combat Fitness, 2009-present
Sports Performance Director, Velocity Sports Performance, 2006-2009
Interim Head Strength Coach, Fresno State, 2004-2005
Assistant Strength Coach, Fresno State, 2000-2006
Intern Strength Coach, Fresno State, 1997-2000

Awards and Recognitions

NSCA Coach Practitioner Distinction, 2005-2008
NSCA Registered Strength Coach, 2005-2008

I first heard about kettlebells around 2000. I didn't think too much about them at first. I wanted to wait and see if they were going to be one of those fitness "fads". Being naive about kettlebells, I thought they were just "funny-looking dumbbells" and you could pretty much do anything with a dumbbell that you could do with a kettlebell. I didn't know what the fuss was all about. Flash forward seven years to December 2007. Kettlebells are more popular than ever. I received a flyer for the California South NSCA State Clinic coming up in January of 2008. It was a kettlebell clinic. The cost was $200.00 for an 8 hour course taught by the man Pavel Tsatsouline himself. With the course, you also got a 16 kg kettlebell, the book "Enter the Kettlebell" by Pavel, a catered lunch, and CEUs for the NSCA. I thought to myself, $200.00 is worth it just for the kettlebell, book, and lunch. This was my chance to see what kettlebells were all about. At the clinic, I was absolutely blown away. I've been to many conferences and clinics in the strength and conditioning profession since 1997. This was the best clinic I had ever been to. My eyes were opened to kettlebell training. Before the clinic I had no idea how much technique was involved in kettlebell training. I was highly impressed by Pavel and his instructors. It takes a lot to impress me. I fell in love with kettlebells that day. I knew that I had a ton more to learn about kettlebells. As soon as I got home, ordered several more kettlebells of various sizes and I registered for the RKC I instructor workshop in August of 2008 at UCLA. It was incredible! After the RKC I certification, I knew that I still had a lot more to learn about kettlebells and that I wanted to expand my knowledge even further. So, when the RKC Level 2 Certification workshop opened up for February of 2010, I registered right away. At the RKC Level 2 Certification, we delved even deeper into the Level 1 skills (swing, clean, snatch, press, Turkish get up, and squat), and learned the six Level 2 core exercises (pistol, pull-up, windmill, jerk, Viking push press, and bent press). Much more than that was covered during the three day course. Yet, as I learn more about kettlebell training and the RKC methods, I realize how much more I need to learn.

I have participated in many sports throughout my life including soccer, baseball, wrestling, football, judo, karate, track & field, softball, motorcycle roadracing, and weightlifting. I have nine years experience as a collegiate Division 1 strength and conditioning coach where I designed and implemented strength training programs for Baseball, Women's Basketball, Equestrian, Men's and Women's Golf, Men's Soccer, Softball, Women's Swimming and Diving, Women's Tennis, Men's and Women's Throwers, and Wrestling. I also have over four years experience training youth through professional athletes and adults. Prior to becoming a strength and conditioning coach, I was a firefighter for a US Forest Service hand crew for 13 seasons.